Wood/Steel Hybrid Wind Turbines: A World First Powered by InnoVent

After 2 million euros invested in research and development, the construction of the 3 hybrid wind turbines in wood and steel of Essey-les-Ponts, carried by InnoVent, has begun. The ambition of this project is to build 100 meters high hybrid timber and steel masts.

Wood steel hybrid mast wind turbine

Made in France wood hybrid wind turbines

Only the base of hybrid wind turbines differs from “conventional” wind turbines because it is made of wood. This generates many ecological advantages: a division by 8 of the quantity of concrete in the foundations, a division by 2 of the quantity of steel, a French production with French wood, machined in Alsace, a 50% reduction in CO2 emissions for the production of these masts compared to conventional masts, better recycling at the end of life and finally a French innovation that can be exported worldwide.

Green light for the construction


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