About us

InnoVent is an independent company which installs and operates wind and solar farms in France and Africa.

InnoVent was founded by Grégoire Verhaeghe, a textile industry magnate of the North of France. As part of his search for ever-cleaner industry, he installed his first 80 kW wind farm in 1993 on the “Verhaeghe Industrie” textile dyeing site, and in 2000, on the same site, he set up a second 750 kW generator to supply his entire factory with renewable energy.

Using the technical knowledge and expertise gleaned from these projects, he created InnoVent in 2001, with the aim of creating, installing and operating wind farms. This company aims to develop the use of this renewable energy source and reduce the environmental damage from traditional nuclear and fossil fuels.

For more than a decade, InnoVent has worked to address the issues relating to development, construction and operation of wind and solar power stations with the help of our in-house resources and specialist partners. With this wealth of knowledge and expertise, InnoVent is now an experienced company which has earned its place in the renewable energy sector.

At the end of 2011, a technical maintenance company, “FE Saint Reunan” was created and now employs 16 employees. The team travels around France, working to ensure that our wind farms remain fully operational.

InnoVent is resolutely turned towards the future, and has created two subsidiaries, InnoSun and InnoWind which are active in almost a dozen countries across Africa.

Today, InnoVent is continuing to independently develop power stations around the world. Several new projects have been launched this year, and while some are still acquiring planning permission, other sites are already under construction.