Key figures

M€ de chiffre d'affaires en 2022

MW built since 2001

MW fully owned

GWh produced in 2022

workers in France and Africa

Our expertise

At InnoVent, we ensure all the creation steps of our wind and solar farms.



We develop, research, define and circumscribe potentially favourable sites for hosting wind and solar farms in France and Africa.


Searching and finding funding is crucial. We internally ensure this step in the development of our farms.


With our subsidiaries, we run our wind and solar projects.

Exploitation /maintenance

Throughout the operation of our wind farms, we ensure an availability of more than 95% of our machines.

Our activities


Wind power does not emit CO2 and is today an indispensable alternative to nuclear power and fossil energy.


Solar is Africa’s future energy and is the solution for it to meet its energy needs while limiting its ecological impact.

Charging station

Rossini Energy, company created by Luca Rossini, partnered with InnoVent in 2018 to create the perfect alliance between renewable energies and electrical energy storage.


Created in 2012 and associated to InnoVent since 2015,Nénufar allows farmers owning a digestate or manure storage pit not ccovered to make the most of the energy generated by the naturally produced biogas.


Diaz: InnoVent’s second Namibian wind farm

Diaz: InnoVent’s second Namibian wind farm

InnoVent is building a 11 turbines wind farm on the Atlantic coast of Namibia as part of an ambitious national policy to enhance energy independence and decarbonization.InnoVent in Namibia: 26 MW in Operation Since 2015  Active in Namibia since 2011, the InnoVent...

InnoVent ventures into solar roofing in China

InnoVent ventures into solar roofing in China

InnoVent's Solar Rooftop Park in China By the end of 2022, InnoVent ventured into the Chinese solar rooftop market and currently possesses six installations. These six facilities are situated in the Guangdong and Zhejiang provinces, with each park comprising solar...

Boralex vs. InnoVent: When a mountain gives birth to a mouse

Boralex vs. InnoVent: When a mountain gives birth to a mouse

By a judgment dated April 20, 2021, the Commercial Court of Lille Métropole had ordered InnoVent and its president Grégoire Verhaeghe to pay Boralex fifty million six hundred ninety-five thousand one hundred twenty-seven euros (€50,695,127), with provisional...