Transponder detector

Wind turbine operators are regularly criticised for their activities. Among these grievances, the ones that come up most often concern the incessant flashing of flashes. The company InnoVent has developed a simple and inexpensive system to eliminate this source of light pollution in the countryside. Today, a change in legislation concerning these beacons is necessary to implement this solution.

Transponders are electronic instruments installed on board aircraft that allow them to be detected when approaching a runway, for example. A large majority of aircraft are equipped with them: planes, helicopters…

Radar detection of aircraft (source :,2.61/8)

InnoVent now offers a transponder detector box. Installed in the nacelle of each wind turbine, it activates the automatic beaconing when the aircraft approaches and deactivates it once the aircraft is away.

A transponder detector produced by the company InnoVent is invoiced 1,240 € per wind turbine.