Tip: air-conditioning without warming the planet

The air conditioning and heat pumps that equip our homes mostly use R410a refrigerant gas. This gas, present in a few kg per installation, has a major drawback: its very high global warming potential (or GWP). CO2 GWP is 1 while R410a GWP is 2100!

A leak in your heat pump will release 2 kg of R-410a into the atmosphere, equivalent to 4.2 tonnes of CO2. This is more than the carbon footprint per passenger of a Paris-Tokyo plane!

But there’s a solution: l’Ecocool 32a. It is a mixture of propane R290 and isobutane R600 with the same refrigerant properties as the R410a, but with a big difference: its GWP is only 3 instead of 2100 for the R410a. In addition, it takes only 0.45 kg of Ecocool 32a to replace 1 kg of R410a.

So, if you plan to buy an air conditioner or heat pump soon, ask your installer for the Ecocool 32a instead of the very polluting R410a. If your installation has been leaked, unfortunately the damage has already been done, but require the Ecocool 32a to refill your circuit. 900 grams of Ecocool 32a are enough to replace 2 kg of R-410a, and in case of leakage, the equivalent emission will be only 3 kg of CO2 instead of 4.2 tonnes of CO2 equivalent for the R410a.

We have already done this on an Atlantic Alfea inverter split air/water heat pump that had leaked into the refrigerant circuit… and it works!


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