Following our developments in South Africa, InnoVent created InnoSun in 2008 with the aim of developing new projects in Namibia. This country receives more sunlight than anywhere else on earth, so it was unthinkable not to harness this solar energy.

InnoSun decided to launch two missions at the same time :
– Helping the organizations who help the poorest people by providing them with solar panels and reducing their energy expenditure
– Proposing the construction of larger or smaller scale solar power stations to governments in order to reduce their reliance on fossil fuel energy from South Africa.

InnoVent’s expertise in the field of renewable energy and the presence of a dedicated team on location have enabled us to successfully complete our various projects. InnoSun was awarded the first ever PPA (power purchase agreement) authorized by Nampower for a 4.5mW solar power station.

InnoSun didn’t stop there, either. We are developing several solar power plants in various countries across Africa such as Burkina Faso, Senegal, Ivory Coast, Kenya and several others. With different projects at different stages of completion, InnoSun is confident of continued significant and effective development in Africa.  (see our project map)

InnoVent, InnoWind and InnoSun locations in France and in Africa