wind farms

Since its creation in 2001, InnoVent has installed 373 MW of wind turbines in France. 12 MW will be completed in the next few years and thousands of Mega-Watts are in the development phase in both France and Africa.


In 2018, these 373 MW we installed represented 2.5 % of French wind power, confirming InnoVent as one of the biggest independent energy producers in France.

InnoVent created the subsidiaries InnoSun and InnoWind in order to develop wind power in Africa. InnoVent supplies these subsidiaries with all the requisite wind power skills and knowledge.




A wind turbine is a machine which enables you to convert the wind’s kinetic energy into mechanical energy. The energy produced is transformed into electrical energy and is fed directly into the grid. This renewable energy source does not emit CO2, and is now an indispensable alternative to nuclear or fossil fuels.