The charging station

The intelligent terminal is designed for companies with a fleet of electric cars or even a single one. By recharging your electric car with our terminals, you help the national grid to regulate itself during periods of energy over-consumption. And since the grid operator pays for the grid assistance, you earn money. RossiniEnergy becomes the interface between you and the grid operator and takes care of everything.
The terminal adapts to the constraints of your company with a dedicated algorithm, for a complete transparency of use without any impact on your usage and without worrying about the loads of your cars. On the contrary, you will have more visibility on the availability and economic benefits of a fleet of electric vehicles. If you are equipped with a solar roof, it can also be easily connected to your panels for a perfect self-consumption of your electricity and a lighter bill, which can be displayed online or on adapted screens.

Saving energy

If you have solar panels, the day’s energy creation is self-consumed at night, helping to reduce your electricity bill and become your own energy producer.

Don’t worry about anything

RossiniEnergy installs the terminals, takes care of the interface with the customer and the control system. RossiniEnergy also manages the relationship with the grid operator. No confidential data is stored.



Flexibility in recharging throughout the day. Every company equipped with smart charging stations supports the power grid and receives a fee for this service.

A community

You will now be part of a community working to adapt the grid to the energy transition on the national grid.


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