We received Boralex’s defence at our request to condemn it to pay us €250 million. This amount corresponds to the amount we would have raised by going public if we had not suffered its legal assault.

Patrick Decostre’s compay claims that it did not abuse its right to sue by claiming our condemnation to pay him €50,695,127 for having said that the formulas:

refer to rates, in euros per megawatt, rather than a number of euros.

The question is not even whether InnoVent is right, which two Nobel Prize winners and more than twenty mathematicians of the highest level have confirmed.

Attestations experts

The question is to what extent Patrick Decostre is diabolical or dumb to claim that the price supplement formula of the development contract results in a quantity of euros rather than a rate in euros per megawatt.

The distinction between rates and quantities is indeed so obvious that fifth graders are supposed to master it.

Here is an explanation in The Singapore Method for 10-11 yo.

An 11-year-old child is expected to understand that the rate must be multiplied by the number of units to determine the total amount so for example multiply the rate in euros per megawatt by a number of megawatts to determine the amount of euros to be paid in the form of price.

As explained by a Nobel Prize of mathematics whose analysis we produce:


To help us determine whether Patrick Decostre and his lawyers are foolish or dishonest in claiming that the price formula they have drafted is supposed to lead to an additional price in euros rather than euros per MW, we invite you to participate in our survey!

Why are we publicizing Boralex’s judicial assault?

We have two objectives.

On the one hand, we want to help the other developers victims of Boralex, who apparently uses their absurd formula to buy parks at a cheap price and threatens them with a trial if they resist by telling them how they managed to get us convicted. We want these developers to be able to use our arguments to defend themselves against Boralex.

On the other hand, we want to inform Boralex’s shareholders that Patrick Decostre deceives them by hiding the seriousness of the risks to which he exposes their company.

“Breaking news: here is the request of Boralex’s lawyer click here and the answer of our lawyer click here

We have observed that the government has just implemented an “18 cents/litre rebate of the price of fuel”, that is, a price adjustment in euros per unit quantity (per litre). The fact that the government adjusts the price in euros per unit of quantity confirms that dividing euros by litres or megawatts leads to a ratio in euros per litre or megawatt rather than to a number of euros. Nobody pays for their gas tank at the price of a litre!. 


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