Complete victory !

The French Court of Appeal has just rejected the annulment appeal made by Boralex against the arbitrary decision given in favour of InnoVent. In addition, it grants us an extra 30,000€ under article 700 of the French Civil Procedure Code which corresponds to our legal fees.


The Court, therefore:


1/ declares the annulment appeal formed against the ruling rendered on March 26, 2020 under the International Chamber of Commerce (case CCI n°23916/DDA) admissible but rejects it;


2/ condemns Boralex Energie France to pay 30000€ to InnoVent under article 700 of the French Civil Procedure Code;


3/ condemns Boralex Energie France to support the cost of sums which will be recovered under article 699 of the French Civil Procedure Code.


Clerk : Najma EL FARISSI

President of the Court of Appeal : François ANCEL


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