InnoVent sues Boralex for damages of at least EUR 250 million

Boralex’s obviously ungrounded claim led to our defeat before the first court (ongoing appeal). This procedure has interrupted our flourishing development, but above all it prevented us from carrying out our IPO project, which would have allowed us to raise €250 million to fight global warming.

Bringing a claim is a right which the Court of Cassation punishes if the claimant brought a frivolous lawsuit or resorted to fraud. Many mathematicians, including a Fields Medal, have confirmed that the reading of the price formula of the development contract by Boralex was of a rare stupidity and revealed the « collapse of the level of education ». Explication calcul Legal nonsense is as serious and obvious as mathematical nonsence in Boralex’s « reasoning ».

That’s why InnoVent and Grégoire Verhaeghe sue Boralex and its so-called expert Finexsi for damages caused by the interruption of its development and the torpedoing of  its IPOAssignation

As Boralex acknowledges that InnoVent is worth one billion euros and as an IPO covers at least 25% of the capital, we claim €250 million from Boralex and its accomplice Finexsi.

The president of the Paris commercial court has recognized the seriousness of our request judging : “[InnoVent] already has sufficient evidence for a trial to prove the facts it claims” !

Ordonnance – Tribunal de commerce de Paris

We asked the magistrate to authorize us to examine the Boralex’s and Finexsi’s computers to obtain additional evidence of their responsibility. However, our argument is so obviously well-grounded that the court ruled our request superfluous!

Requête probatoire Paris InnoVent

In line with our commitment to transparency, here are the documents that led the president of the commercial court to find that we didn’t even need additional parts to demonstrate the Boralex’s and Finexsi’s frivolous lawsuit (or worse).

Our evidence:

1. Présentation Innovent

2. Rapport annuel Boralex

3. Contrat cadre

4. Lettre d’intention

5. Jugement du 20 avril 2021

6. Projet-dassignation

7. Assignation fond BORALEX

8. Analyse du professeur xx médaille Fields

9. Attestation expert 1

10. Contentieux industriel – mission d’expertise d’homogénéité de formule

11. Attestation expert 2

12. Analyse-de X-mines

13. Analyses de mathématiciens

14. Rapport du Cabinet Finexsi en date du 22 août 2019

15. Rapport du cabinet Finexsi en date du 21 septembre 2020

16. Rapport de Finexsi en date du 31 août 2021 (rapport n°3)

17. Conclusions d’appel Innovent

18. Conclusions Boralex fond

19. Attestation du professeur xx ENS Ulm et docteur

21. Courriel de M. Verhaeghe





26 Group SG Presentation – Innovent pitch_vF


28. Conclusions Boralex 1er Président

29. Kbis Innovent

30. Kbis Boralex

31. Kbis Finexsi

32. Garantie d’irrecevabilité de pièces

Finally, we filed a complaint against Boralex and Finexsi for drafting and use in court of a false statement intended to establish the alleged gain missed by Boralex. Plainte contre Boralex et Finexsi_23 11 2021


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