Our commitments

Preserving the planet

Bringing wealth to the local economy

• Producing environmentally responsible energy with no CO2 emissions
• Protecting the environment during and after our power stations’ lifetimes
• Ensuring the quality of our installations and the ethics of our suppliers

• Forging close partnerships with local partners
• Creating new jobs through the construction of our wind farms and solar power stations
• Promoting the development of the local economy

Producing local energy

Giving African organizations the option to produce their own electricity

• Proposing affordable access to clean energy to local people
• Building better projects from small to large scale
• Offering an alternative and competitive source of energy to compete with polluting sources of energy 

• Providing aid to development through electricity
• Giving and building small solar power plants to power organizations who help people in difficulty
• Ensuring that our teams are committed to working sustainably alongside the local population