Industrial partners

InnoVent and its subsidiaries InnoSun and InnoWind have created strong relationships with local communities, banks and companies as well as with state governments.

In its quest for maximum reliability in its wind turbines and solar panels, InnoVent has placed the emphasis on using the most advanced technologies.

We are seeking an availability rate of at least 98%, a 40-year life span and controlled maintenance costs. We also want to contribute towards regional economic development.

To meet these objectives, we have chosen suppliers who offer machines that meet our requirements: GE, Enercon, WinWind and XEMC… and solar panels and converters by DELTA, TSMC, etc.

By choosing from these suppliers we have a range of wind turbines producing between 1 MW and 3 MW.

Following a study of all the parameters for each site, we can choose the power, size, diameter and eventually the supplier of the wind turbines or solar panels from among our listed suppliers.


Our commitment: to maximize the national and local social and economic benefits for the country in which InnoVent operates.