First solar farm in Namibia

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15 Sep 2014
First solar farm in Namibia

InnoSun has been active in Namibia since 2008, and has never doubted the energy potential of this country. Only a few weeks ago, and the result of years of hard work, we are proud to announce the construction of Namibia’s very first solar power station. A 16 hectare plot in Omburu, to the north-west of Windhoek, is currently being prepared for the arrival of thousands of solar panels! Providing an output of 4.5mW, this station will be connected to the grid and provide enough electricity to supply 1% of Namibia’s total electricity consumption.


Signing the electricity power purchase agreement between NamPower and InnoSun in December 2014. Mr Paulinus Shilamba, President of NamPower and Grégoire Verhaeghe with their respective teams.

PPA signature with Nampower